Between the Bookends


The Pomeroy Public Library publishes a newsletter monthly in the Calhoun County Journal-Herald newspaper, usually following the monthly Board of Trustees Meeting. The Calendar of Events is also published in the newspaper on a weekly basis if space permits. The newsletters are archived here on the Pomeroy Public Library website.


Between the Bookends -- Chapter 7

·         Since 1987, Library Card Sign-Up Month has been promoted in September to mark the beginning of the school year. Libraries work to remind parents and youth that signing up for a library card is the first step towards academic achievement and lifelong learning.  Not to mention a very cost-effective back-to-school item! In the past, Pomeroy Public Library has most often enrolled entire families under the name of one or the other parent, but if a student would like to have a card in their own name, we are happy to oblige. For children under the age of 18, we do require a parent or guardian to sign for the child plus show a photo ID and proof of current address such as a recent piece of mail that shows the parent’s name and current local address; adults registering themselves for a new card are asked to provide similar identification and proof of address. Those requirements do not apply to replacements for lost cards as long as we have the current patron information already on file.

·         Speaking of Library Cards, we have completed the work to update our patron card file for current/past patrons. If you are a cardholder and have not checked out a book in the past five (5) years, your card is no longer active, but it is a simple matter to get a new card by contacting the library, providing proof of identification (photo ID along with a piece of current mail showing your name and local address), and a new card will be issued on the spot. It is important to have an active library card if you plan to use Bridges, the online eBook platform, or Libby, the phone or tablet app that also can access the eBook content available through Bridges.

·         Through Bridges and OverDrive, you can also download eContent to your Kindle. Your library card number is what authorizes your access to Bridges, and all library card numbers now consist of a 14 digit barcode the replaced the old 3-digit numbers that have been obsolete for some time now. If you do not have your card or have no record of your current 14-digit number, please stop in at the library to find out your barcoded library card number that is used for regular library check out plus your access to Bridges. Our application to join the Bridges consortium is in the final stages, and once it’s ready to launch, we’ll get the word out through Facebook, the Pomeroy Public Library webpage, and this newspaper column. Some if you may think you’re not ready for this much technology, but several patrons who have experienced using Bridges/OverDrive/Libby in other settings have found it to be quite easy to use. Once we are up and running, we will be scheduling several mini-lessons in how to use the system, and we’re excited about this new venture for the Pomeroy Public Library.

Other Library News:

The Board of Trustees met in the Library for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, September 13, 2021. News was shared of several donation made in August: $100 in memory of Jeanie Kurth, $20 in memory of Leslie Junkman, $20 in memory of Vera Heide, and a $5 miscellaneous donation. Patron use remains high, especially compared to last year, as we continue to strive for “normal” after pandemic restrictions have continued to ease. Door-to-door service is still available to anyone who is maintaining their social distancing due to health reasons or other needs.

Other board news included sharing information pertaining to the upcoming re-accreditation of the library, staff inservice training, and announcement of a new program being offered to libraries throughout the state called Brainfuse, an online help service including homework help and live tutoring, career services assistance, veterans’ support, and more. Brainfuse offers innovative services designed to meet patron needs. Users decide how they want to acquire a skill or grasp a concept, and Brainfuse gives them the tools to master it.

The State Library contracts with Brainfuse to offer Iowa libraries access to the following online resources:

  • HelpNow: homework assistance and live tutoring service for patrons of all ages (note: HelpNow is only availabe to Iowa public libraries at this time).
  • JobNow: one-of-a-kind career assistance that covers all major aspects of job hunting.
  • VetNow: helps veterans and their families understand and apply for eligible benefits.

One feature that sets Brainfuse apart is the live tutoring, job coaching and veteran support available during most afternoons and evenings. Patrons can access these services after clicking the library’s Brainfuse link and creating an account. Once a patron selects a live service, an online whiteboard automatically launches and patrons are able to communicate in live, online sessions with expert tutors, job coaches or veteran navigators. 

If you haven’t checked out the website recently, please do so, and you’ll find that it’s been completely renovated. You are still able to visit the catalog, and new features, including Bridges and Brainfuse will be added as soon as they are available and we get the links installed on the website.