How the Pomeroy Public Library was established and how it grew:

The town of Pomeroy was laid out by Frederick Hess in the late summer of 1870.  At this time it was known that the railroad would be completed to the site of Pomeroy.  A postoffice was then established, and the first store opened.  The town is named for Charles W. Pomeroy, a state representative from Iowa who owned much of the land in the vicinity of the town.

Pomeroy is proud to have a city library which was organized during the winter of 1924 by the Pomeroy Community Club.  Books were donated by members of the club and other residents of the town.  Its first home was in a corner of the Masonic Hall over the drug store.  Community Club members served as librarians.

When the Legionaires purchased the Legion Hall, the library moved to what was the cloak room in this hall.  A gas heater was used for heat and was totally inadequate for blizzardy days.

When the town became the owner of a small building at the location of the present post office, the library was moved into it.

In 1958, the library was transferred to the old telephone building. 

Seven years later, in 1965, the library was moved to the Hakeman building downtown.

Finally, in January, 1990, the library moved into its present location in the Mini Mall.

The library has always kept pace with the new formats and programming.  Today the library offers books on tape and CD, videos and DVDs, and has 4 public access computer stations.   We have over 10,000 books ready to loan out to young and old.

Want to know more about the public library?  Check with the Pomeroy Historical Society and the Iowa Historical Society.