Collection Development and Circulation Policies

Library Collection Development

A. Library materials shall be selected for values of interest, information, and

enlightenment of all people in the community.

B. Library materials will never be excluded because of the race or nationality, or the

social, political, or religious views of the authors.




A. All library patrons will register and receive a library identification number. Effective

July 1, 2010, all new adult patrons registering for a library identification number

will provide valid proof of identification, such as an officially issued driver�s

license, credit card, activity ticket, retail membership card, etc. Library

patrons are assured of privacy by library identification numbers.

B. All library materials are due in two weeks with renewal possible, if needed.

C. Library materials can be reserved, and the patron will be notified when available.

D. Items overdue two weeks will result in a library patron losing use of the library�s

computers. If the patron does not use the library�s computers, the patron will

receive a phone or written notice. If the overdue item is not then returned, the

Pomeroy Police Department will be notified for collection of the item.

E. Patrons are liable for replacement of items lost, destroyed, or mutilated. Replacement

will be at replacement value.

F. The library will provide upon request delivery of library materials to home-bound

individuals, when possible.

G. There will be a charge for photocopies, computer copies, and use of the fax machine.

H. The library will participate in SILO, First Search, PLOW, Open Access, Access Plus,

Enrich Iowa, and any other programs the library board approves.

I. All materials accessible through the library are provided equally to all patrons.

Children (persons under 18 years of age) must have a form signed by a parent or

guardian before being allowed to use item of questionable appropriateness.

Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff are responsible for materials used

by children. Parents or guardians, and only parents or guardians, may restrict

their children, and only their children, from access to resources available through

the library.

J. Only five DVDs or videos may be checked out per household. No additional items

may be checked out until the DVDs or videos have been checked in.





A. The board and staff support free access to and exchange of ideas, as stated in the

Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement.

B. In an effort to provide a well-rounded and balanced collection, the board recognizes

that not everyone will always agree with the inclusion of some topics and/or titles

in the collection. Any request for the removal of any item from the library must

be submitted in writing and signed by the protesting patron on the available

Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form. The librarian will present

the Request at a specially called meeting of the board, where the Request will be

considered. The patron will be advised in writing of the board's

recommendation. If the patron does not agree with the board's decision, the

patron may meet with the board to discuss it.


Confidentiality Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Pomeroy Public Library recognizes the responsibility to protect the privacy of its library users. Therefore, the release of any personal information about a patron (including name and address) to an outside party may discourage persons from obtaining a library card. The board also recognizes that the circulation transactions of the library, internet and computer usage, interlibrary loan records, information requests, and all other services are confidential in nature.

All library employees are advised that patron records shall not be made available to anyone including any agency of federal, state, or local government. At no time will library employees or the library director, who serves as custodian of the records, release records of circulation except under court order.

Furthermore, the library will resist the issuance of enforcement of any such process, order, or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The library will not reveal the identities of individual users nor reveal the information sources or services they consult unless required by law. Confidentiality extends to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired. Confidentiality includes database search records, references interviews, interlibrary loan records, computer use records, and all other personally identifiable uses of library materials, facilities, or services.




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